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You want to make your own clothes, but you just don't get how pattern making works, and you're looking for some straight up amazing answers... You're in the right place then! :)

Do you want to feel more confident and creative using sewing patterns?

Do you want to understand 'fit' better?

Do the terms 'ease' and 'fabric suppression' and 'pivoting' confuse you?

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The Lesson Plan:

This is of course 'Pattern Making Basics' so we will be covering the following in this free course...

Lesson 1: Tools, Workspace + Mindset

Lesson 2: Accurate Measurements!

Lesson 3: It's All About Ease

Lesson 4: The Influence of Fabric

Lesson 5: Design Principles

Lesson 6: Finishing Considerations

Lesson 7: Five Ways To Create Patterns

Lesson 8: Design Inspiration + Starting Block Decisions

Lesson 9: Lets Start Drafting!

Lesson 10: Applying Fabric Suppression

Lesson 11: Pattern Markings + Other Stuff

Lesson 12: Sewing The Toile / Muslin

Lesson 13: Fitting Issues

Lesson 14: A Special Offer

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Eve Tokens - Pattern Making Basics Email Course

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I am Eve Tokens aka The Creative Curator.

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